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Our products are the result of knowing how to bring the best out of each kernel of corn. From the art and science of corn wet milling to our depth in the technical application, we bring the best of both skills to every product and solution we offer.

By Application

Our acidulants can help to add lasting taste, stabilization, and balance in your products.

Animal Nutrition

Animal nutrition starts with and is sustained by high quality energy and nutrients. Our animal feed helps to ensure your animals have the nutrition they need to perform.

Industrial Starches

We are an industry leader in industrial starch product knowledge and in technical expertise. We're here to help advise and support with the right product for your product and performance requirements.

Personal Care

Our personal care additives are a range of products designed to give personal care formulators a variety of bio-based options.


Our sweeteners provide excellent taste and functionality across your applications from beverages and dairy to bakery, confectionary, snacks and more.