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Animal Nutrition

Our corn-based animal feed ingredients, which are the co-products from the corn wet milling process, provide an excellent source of energy, protein, and fiber in high-quality feeds for ruminants, pets, fish, poultry, and pigs.

Our Approach to Animal Nutrition

The right balance of fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals is essential to keep animals at their best. We supply high quality animal feed ingredients to meet your feed product requirements, optimizing animal productivity through a balanced diet. 



Nature's powerhouse

A kernel of corn is one of nature's powerhouses, packing protein, oil, fiber, starches and sugars into a tiny golden capsule. Through technology and ingenuity, we extract every ounce of useful material, separating from the starch, the protein, germ and fiber, that then go on to form the core of our animal feed products.


Our tried and tested ingredients are a product of years of experience as a feed ingredient supplier, enabling you to create custom-feed solutions and products that meet the needs of livestock businesses.

Explore Our Animal Nutrition Know-how


Our ingredients are an ideal protein and energy source for fish, complimenting and replacing part of the fishmeal component of fish feed. With no anti-nutritional factors, a low mineral content and high energy level, we can provide concentrated protein for salmon, trout, sea bass, and bream diets.


Pets require high quality, well-balanced diets. Pets have higher protein and energy requirements than that those of most farm animals. Cats in particular have very specific mineral requirements. Our feed ingredients provide the high protein and methionine levels required in feline diets, while keeping mineral levels at a necessary low level. Our corn-based ingredients also provide the lighter yellow/orange color preferred in pet foods.


As monogastric animals, feed quality and intestinal health are important in pigs. Our feed ingredients provide energy, protein, starch, and vitamins and minerals for growth, as well as the fiber and organic acids needed for a healthy, efficient digestive system.


Poultry require high levels of nutrients for growth and/or egg production. Poultry diets are usually based on corn. Our corn-based feed ingredients contribute to poultry’s high energy and protein needs, while their natural pigments provide good colouring for organic broilers and egg yolks. Our feed ingredients are a cost-effective means of providing the high-quality, nutrient rich, corn-based diet your poultry require.


As herbivores, ruminants’ diets are composed of plant material. To achieve their production potential (meat or milk), as well as feeding on good quality forage (grass, corn silage or hay), animals benefit from the addition of energy and protein components to their feed. Our highly digestible ingredients containing energy, protein and fiber can be included in a wide variety of ruminant feeds.