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Industrial Starches

Our large portfolio of industrial starches helps meet the needs of an ever-changing market. We offer more than 100 starches, including unmodified starches, cationic starches, acid-modified starches, dextrins, and water-soluble polymers.

Our Approach to Industrial Starches

Our large portfolio of industrial starches helps meet the needs of an evolving market. Our products are manufactured from renewable raw materials and enhance customer product performance across a wide range of industries — from paper production to adhesives and corrugating, to applications in building supplies, oil drilling and more.


“Our products are used in a wide range of paper and specialty industrial applications. These include: printing and writing, tissue, containers and board liner, building products, adhesives, speciality binding applications and many others. With over 100 industrial starches in our portfolio, we can help you meet with your customers high standards, while benefiting from the knowledge and expertise that our Primient team offers.”

- Christopher Atkinson


We work in partnership with you, getting to know your products and unique processes. This collaborative and comprehensive approach is how we’ve become one of the world’s leading industrial starch companies.

Understanding the challenges

  1. How can we provide the right solution for your  requirements?
  2. How can we offer low-cost, high-quality industrial starch solutions?
  3. How can we reduce your water and energy use and meet with regulatory obligations?

Explore Our Industrial Starches Know-How


Our adhesive products are suited to a wide range of applications, from those that demand fast-track and strong-bond adhesions to more standard applications. Our dent and waxy corn adhesives offer a range of dextrin solubilities and viscosities making them suitable to a wide range of uses including labels, board laminating, case and carton sealing, seam pasting, tube winding, and other paper-converting operations. We understand the intricacies of working with adhesives and offer a flexible and versatile portfolio with easy shipping, storage, and handling.


Our Adhesive Starch Functionality

  • STADEX® Dextrin adhesives are a group of starch-based products used in a large number of industrial applications.
  • Pearl C is a dent unmodified starch, ideal for use in paper of all grades. It can be used to improve strength or retention, in addition to improving drainage and surface properties across your paper product portfolio.
  • ECLIPSE® Functional Industrial Starch is an acid-modified corn starch. 
  • ANCHOR® LR Acid Modified Corn Starch is a dent acid-modified corn starch with several uses.
Building Products

We offer a range of speciality thickeners and binders that can partially replace expensive polyvinyl acetate and cellulosics in products such as joint compounds, tile grout, paints, and spray-textured coatings/insulation. Our deep knowledge of starches means we can offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your manufacturing environment.


Find Out More About Our Building Products

  • Wallboard binder is a dual-purpose starch, acting as both a binding and adhesion agent. Its primary function is to form an adhesive bond between the paper liner and gypsum.
  • STAR*POL® Starch Polymers are water soluble polymers, ideal for use in a range of building products and adhesives.
  • STARAMIC™ Modified Corn Starch are modified corn starches pregelatinised to be soluble in cold water. They are easily dispersible, highly substituted, nonionic water-soluble polymers designed for use at lower solid levels in wall treatments, adhesives, tile mortar, tile grout, and oil-drilling mud, among other applications.
  • STADEX® Dextrin adhesives are useful in a large number of products that require a liquid or dry binder. STADEX® Dextrin adhesives range from lightly thinned to very highly hydrolysed, offering a wide range of cold water solubility and functionality.

We are a market leader in paper starches in North America. Our starches are used in papers of all grades, to increase strength, and improve retention, drainage, and surface properties. Our starches are utilized in both surface sizing applications at the size press and as a cost effective binder in pigmented coating applications. Our extensive range of wet-end starches are relied upon in applications ranging from printing and writing to packaging and tissue production – get in touch to find out more.


Our wet-end starches

  • INTERBOND™ Wet End Starches are dent cationic corn-based starches that work well in a variety of pH ranges and retention systems.
  • STA-LOK® Cationic Corn Starch starches are used across the paper making industry to improve strength, internal sizing and drainage.


Our surface treatment starches

  • CLEER-COTE™ Surface Treatment Starchis a versatile starch for use in paper manufacturing size press applications.
  • ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch optimizes viscosity and adhesive strength for size press application.
  • STASIZE™ Modified Starch is a premium-quality hydrophobic starch product, used in paper manufacture to impart grease and oil resistance as well as wider uses in building materials for applications on textiles and ceramics.
  • TAL-FILM™ Surface Treatment Starch is an oxidized starch designed for cost effective surface sizing applications.


Our coating starches

  • ETHYLEX® Surface Treatment Starch optimizes viscosity and adhesive strength during paper formulation.
  • Instant Coating Binder starches offer cold water solubility and improved binding power in combination with latex, fillers and other coating additives.


Technical Services

Starch analysis

  • Rapid Visco-analysis (RVA) viscosity
  • Brookfieldviscosity
  • Brabender viscosity
  • Viscostability
  • Fluidity
  • Flowability
  • pH, conductivity, buffer capacity
  • Ash
  • Quality-control analysis –various
  • Photomicroscopy
  • Hercules high shear

Starch preparation and applications

  • Jet cooking
  • Batch cooking
  • All testing listed under "Starch analysis"


Handsheet preparation and testing

  • Ash
  • Internal bond
  • Zdt
  • Ring crush
  • Optical testing
  • Smoothness
  • IGT pick (Koog, Netherlands)•Tensile strength
  • Coat weight
  • Gloss
  • Air permeance
  • Pilot calendar (Koog, Netherlands)

Desposit/unknowns analysis

  • Analytical methods – numerous
  • Microscopy
  • Ash, pH, conductivity, other basic analyse


Paper machine wet end testing

  • Conductivity pH
  • Cationic charge demand
  • Zeta potential
  • Drainage/freeness/retention
  • Water hardness
  • Consistency

Coating formulation and preparation

  • Coating prep
  • Water retention
  • Rheology
  • Lab coater (Koog, Netherlands)



Adhesives formulation and preparation

  • Formulating
  • Dry blenders
  • Cooked Formulations (Adhesives)
  • Testing/Analysis

Trial equipment

  • Starch slurry skids
  • Starch jet cookers





  • Particle size (Lille, France)
  • MW distribution, SEC (Lille, France)
  • Microbio –TPC and molds/yeasts
  • Microscop