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Personal Care

Consumers are wanting more bio-based options for their personal care needs, whether in skincare, hair care, or sun care. This creates a demand for a whole new range of functional bio-based additives to meet the need.

Our Approach to Personal Care

As personal care shifts into more bio-based and sustainable materials, we find ourselves uniquely positioned to offer superior solutions for these needs. It is important that a product is not only bio-based but also performs well, offers superior performance and ease of use while meeting these new consumer demands.


“We are extremely excited to be able to offer customers in the Personal Care space such a wide range of bio-based high-performance speciality polymers that support sustainable agriculture, in-line with consumer demand.”

- Jim Stutelberg


Understanding customer challenges

Understanding the world we work in and the challenges our customers face is key to the success of our products and relationships. We understand the need to optimise manufacturing and formulation processes, that product ease of use and performance are crucial, and that consumers are increasingly demanding more natural, plant-based and sustainable ingredients and packaging. Our expertise and superior technical service can help you find the right solution to meet very specific needs.

Explore Our Personal Care Know-how

Hair Care

Bio-alternatives are becoming more and more needed as consumers seek natural texture and essence. We offer bio-based solutions that increase foam stability and aesthetics.


As formulators are constantly looking to increase the bio-content of their formulations without jeopardizing the look and feel, we offer thickeners and emulsifiers that are a perfect fit. In addition, our products are cold processable, making the formulation very simple.

Sun Care

As consumers demand higher bio-content we offer solutions that offer excellent aesthetics and rheology, as well as the ability to create a total formulation water-resistance package.