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CovationBio, Primient, Truterra Host Regenerative Ag Field Day

11 July 2023

This June, Primient joined our Primient Covation LLC joint venture partner CovationBio and our sustainable agriculture program partner Truterra in welcoming guests to an on-farm field day in Dow City, IA.


Everything Starts on the Farm

Iowa is home to Kelly Garrett’s 6th generation farm. Kelly has been enrolled in Primient’s Sustainable Agriculture Program with Truterra since its start in 2018. Across those years, he and his XtremeAg team continue to lead the way for other growers across the US who are leaning into sustainable practices. 


Bringing Regenerative Practices to Life

Field day attendees included brand and supply chain partners who are choosing ingredients like Primient Covation’s 100% plant-based 1,3-propanediol to support more sustainable consumer products across applications like shoe insoles, clothing, personal care products, and cooling fluid.


Highlights of the day included a grower-led panel discussion and multiple interactive demonstrations designed to bring regenerative practices to life - including cover crops, nutrient management, seeding implements / technology, and a rainfall simulation courtesy of the Iowa NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service).



Primient’s own Brad Morrison, Director, Global Raw Materials Procurement and Trading, presented at one of the exploratory stations, explaining the corn plant in detail and describing how Primient uses every part of the kernel in our wet milling process.


Sharing the Message of Sustainability and Change

Chris Guild, Primient’s Chief Sales Officer, gave opening remarks alongside Tom Ryan, President of Truterra, and Mike Saltzberg, CEO of CovationBio. Ryan stressed Truterra’s mission: to ensure and enable growers to adopt practices that are agronomic, economic, and environmentally sound. Saltzberg and his team reiterated that a truly sustainable bioeconomy starts with regenerative agriculture practices on the field.

“Leading the way in sustainability is a Primient priority – as a plant-based, renewable ingredients leader, our process relies on deep partnerships up and down the supply chain, ensuring we have a reliable, high-quality supply of corn to support our process and products.” - Chris Guild, Chief Sales Officer

See the field day experience in action!


About Primient

Primient is a leading producer of food and industrial ingredients made from plant-based, renewable sources. We deliver value through deep technical, commercial, and operational excellence that is backed by our long-standing corn wet milling heritage. Wherever we are in the process, from field to customer, our priorities are focused on ensuring we produce the safest, highest quality products through practices that uphold both our responsibility and commitments to our people and our planet.


About Primient Covation

Primient Covation LLC is the world's largest producer of 100% bio-based 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PDO) with industrial corn as base feedstock material. 1,3-PDO is commercialized under the Susterra® and Zemea® brand names. The business formally known as -DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products (DuPont Tate & Lyle JV) was acquired by CovationBio on June 1, 2022, and now operates as Primient Covation. A dedicated team of specialists supports value chain customers and brands with the adoption of bio-based solutions made from responsibly farmed corn under the Primient Sustainable Agriculture Program.


About CovationBio

Founded in 2022, in Newark, Delaware, CovationBio is a leading global innovator offering a product portfolio of high-performance, sustainable solutions. The company builds on its rich DuPont legacy of groundbreaking scientific innovation and continues to deliver novel solutions at scale across multiple industries, including apparel, carpeting, cosmetics, food, and packaging. Through product lines such as Sorona®, Susterra® and Zemea®, the mission of CovationBio is to deliver the sustainable building blocks that will enable customers to provide bio-based products accessible to everyone.


About Truterra, LLC Truterra is a leading sustainability solutions provider, advancing and connecting sustainability efforts throughout the food system at scale – from farmers to ag retailers to value chain collaborators including food and fiber companies. Truterra positions farmers for success by providing them tools and resources to establish a stewardship baseline, track progress on every field they farm, access conservation resources, and prepare for ecosystem services market opportunities. The Truterra network brings together the best in agricultural technology and precision conservation to drive sustainability across the food system, feeding people, safeguarding the planet, and supporting farmer livelihoods. Truterra was launched in 2016 by Land O'Lakes, Inc., a member-owned cooperative that spans the spectrum from agricultural production to consumer foods. To learn more, visit