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Primient’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Delivers Meaningful Progress in 2021

06 January 2023

Primient’s Sustainable Agriculture Program continued to advance sustainable practices on more than 17,500 farmer-owned fields in the heart of U.S. corn country in 2021.


Nitrogen Efficiency, Soil Quality, and Green House Gas Emissions Reduction Stand Out

Most recent year-on-year program results show consistently high ratings in nitrogen use efficiency, with more than 90% of participating farms employing a nutrient management plan and nearly half of the program’s 1,500 farmers utilizing nitrogen stabilizers to prevent unnecessary losses of this critical nutrient.


In addition, the majority of fields in the Primient program demonstrated an upward trend in soil quality as measured by soil organic matter and soil carbon content. We also saw a significant decrease in CO2.


2021 Report Highlights            

Improved Nitrogen Efficiency

Improved Soil Quality

CO2 Reduction




*Percentage change based on 2019 program baseline.

“Our sustainable agriculture program supports 1.2 million acres of farmland and the growers working toward best practice in their regenerative agriculture journey,” explains Laura Kowalski, Global Sustainability Manager, Primient. “We know no two fields are the same, and our program with Truterra has helped today’s grower understand which practices support their specific field needs across the growing cycle. Our results indicate we are moving in the right direction with even greater opportunities for impact as we learn and drive meaningful change together.”


Working Together Towards a More Sustainable Future

Primient is proud to lead this multi-year initiative alongside Truterra, our program partners, and a collaborative working group of retailers and growers across the Midwest. Together, we are focusing on field-by-field impact toward a more sustainable, climate-friendly future.


Information About the Primient Sustainable Agriculture Program

The Primient sustainable agriculture program includes nearly 1.2 million acres of corn. It is delivered in partnership with Truterra, LLC, the sustainable solutions business of Land O’Lakes, one of America’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, and uses cutting-edge technology to support growers in targeting and measuring the impact of their agricultural practices across the year, allowing them to make more informed decisions around key resource usage as well as actively monitoring crop and soil health throughout the growing season.


Information About Primient

Primient is a leading producer of food and industrial ingredients made from plant-based, renewable sources. We deliver value through deep technical, commercial, and operational excellence that is backed by our long-standing corn wet milling heritage. Wherever we are in the process, from field to customer, our priorities are focused on ensuring we produce the safest, highest quality products through practices that uphold both our responsibility and commitments to our people and our planet.