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Leading the Way in Sustainable Agriculture

10 February 2023

The future of regenerative agriculture is now and we’re proud to help lead the conversation alongside committed partners who are joining us on the journey to help scale for a sustainable future.


Defining Regenerative Agriculture

In simple terms, regenerative agriculture makes the soil, farm, and local community more resilient. It’s applying stewardship practices like no till, cover crops, and nutrient management at the field level which support healthy soil and resource conservation.


It includes new technology and analytics which help to bring a fuller view of the unique farm ecosystem and pinpoints opportunities and the impact of applied practices.


Joining in the Conversation - Truterra’s Annual Partners in Excellence Summit

Annual sustainable agriculture events like Truterra’s recent Partners in Excellence Summit take the conversation further for growers, agricultural retailers, and corporate partners alike.


Across three days of connection and learning, participants discussed both the challenges and opportunities of adopting sustainable practices farm by farm, field by field – defining a process to move intentionally forward on the sustainability journey.


It also provided a chance to hear from experts up and down the value chain on sustainability priorities and goals and why each step forward matters.


This year, clear takeaways were around connecting data and tools for a more complete picture of field activity year on year; the importance of collaboration and continuing education which help build capabilities around conservation agronomy; the need for continued activation and grower engagement; as well as support from partners at every level.  


Leading the Way Starts with Us

For Primient, investing in the future starts with us. Defining and driving sustainable and meaningful change through programs like our Sustainable Agriculture Program with Truterra is simply the right thing to do.


We recognize the path to a fully sustainable supply chain is not a straight path, but we’re in it for the journey

because the destination is worth it.


"Primient is fully committed to sustainable agriculture. We’ve made the decision to go all in with 1.2 million acres of corn – equivalent to what we purchase each year. We know driving these practices makes our growing partners more sustainable, resilient, and profitable."                                                                                                                                                                                - Laura Kowalkski, Global Sustainability Manager


If you’d like to learn more about our program and sustainability plans visit and follow us on LinkedIn.